Get to Know the Staff, Pt. 2: Jessie Youngblood

Jessie YoungbloodName: Jessie Youngblood

Title: Box Office & Administrative Assistant

How long have you worked for Jazz St. Louis?: 3 months

Do you play any instruments?: violin & trumpet

Top three favorite Jazz St. Louis produced concerts:

I’ve only been to 4 so far: Anita Jackson, Good 4 the Soul, Yellowjackets, and The Bad Plus’s Rite of Spring! All were awesome, but The Bad Plus was probably my favorite.

Artist you would most like to work with, but haven’t yet: Arturo Sandoval

Last jazz album you listened to: Yellowjackets

Three favorite non-jazz artists/bands: Queen, The Beatles, and Van Morrison

Favorite place to hear music other than The Bistro: Powell Hall (Symphony!)

Three favorite movies: Star Wars (Episodes IV-VI, duh), Goonies, and Tangled (Don’t judge. It’s great.)

Three favorite TV shows: Game of Thrones, The Newsroom, and Archer

Favorite restaurant for:

1) Breakfast/Brunch: Goldy’s in Boise, ID (not Gluten Free but unbelievable)

2) Lunch:  Local Harvest (Gluten Free sandwiches!)

3) Dinner: Maggiano’s (Gluten Free rolls and pasta!)

Pastimes/Hobbies: Reading, eating, and being outdoors

Worst job you’ve ever had: Working for my dad’s port-a-potty company…


Career Bio: Originally from Boise, Idaho, Jessie relocated to St. Louis in January of 2013 after completing her Master’s of Music in Violin Pedagogy at Boise State University. She got her start with the St. Louis Symphony Box Office and moved to Jazz St. Louis in June 2013 as the Box Office and Administrative Assistant. Jessie has an extremely diverse musical background. She has been playing the violin for eighteen years and the trumpet for fourteen. She has taught herself to play piano, guitar, and any other instrument she could get her hands on. Her performance résumé encompasses a variety of ensembles, including a 180-person full orchestra and chorus in Eisenstadt, Austria, numerous jazz ensembles, string quartets, opera and musical pit orchestras, wind ensembles, and even a Beatles tribute band. Her solo repertoire includes everything from jazz-fiddle to classical coronet. Most of all, Jessie has a love for any music that is American in its roots. Though she spends her days in the office, she still teaches and performs on violin and trumpet any time she can.

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  1. Susan Elton
    Posted October 11, 2013 at 8:14 am | Permalink

    Wonderful update on Jessica Youngblood!
    Not only a talented musician, a truly delightful young woman ,she’s fun!

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